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Book Review: Miah by Julia Lin

ISBN: 9781894770996 Book Review: Miah, by Julia Lin By Carousel Calvo When elders talks about family history, they try to speak about them in a cursory manner, and often levity creeps in even when the conversation turns to serious matters. … Continue reading

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Reading Challenge: Book Review

I’m adding my name to a pool of bibliophiles at World Without Ends. I’ll be reading 12 books from 12 women author’s and reviewing them each. I’ve selected all the authors randomly. The instructions did not state that all has … Continue reading

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chapbook and self-publishing

I made this chapbook last year as part of my end of term creative writing assignment. I worked for days, a labour of love, and gave it to my friends as  mementos. I also thought of sharing my chapbook to … Continue reading

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Random Musings: excerpts from a forgotten journal

Poetry Reading (April 6, 2013) Today I was part of a collective of poets and artists sharing each others work and ideas. I was honoured to be part of such a circle.

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gum in mouth chew, swallow, inhale for words, desperate for ideas prosaic, prodigious perhaps neither perhaps both perhaps the mind keeps these secret nooks, venues, state, property, home away from my roving my searching transcendent claptraps gum in mouth speaking … Continue reading

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Random Musings: excerpts from a forgotten journal

Crappy Movie Makes Me Maudlin (June 3, 2011) It’s an awful realization to know that you need someone. An earlier version of me would scoff at this kind of nonsense but it’s hard to admit to one self that they … Continue reading

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*** I wrote a story before writing a spec script for my screenwriting class. What I realized after this exercise was how hard it was to translate prose into a script.*** On Spiderman sheets and surrounded with Dungeons and Dragon … Continue reading

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