chapbook and self-publishing

My very first chapbook.

My very first chapbook.

I made this chapbook last year as part of my end of term creative writing assignment. I worked for days, a labour of love, and gave it to my friends as  mementos. I also thought of sharing my chapbook to other people, but I was hesitant to hand it out, too afraid of what their reactions will be.

This past year, I learned to loosen up about sharing. Jesse, one of the many people who edited my manuscript as part of my admissions requirement for Concordia University, told me that artists need an audience. In my head, I understood the concept, but it’s hard to be vulnerable in front of other people: to share certain things about my life, to let them peek at how I think and write and feel. However, I understand now that in order to grow as an artist I need other people’s output, regardless if they are negative or positive.

So here I am, in the process of revising my chapbook. I’m going to distribute it hopefully within next week. I don’t know the first thing about self-publishing, and I’m scared of how things will turn out, but if I don’t do this, it’ll be one of those decisions that lingers.

Happy Writings everyone.


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