The Itinerary

Cebu (and other places in between) – November 15, 2012 – February 8, 2013

  • Hiking trails – did not go since no one wanted to go with me and I did not want to get lost @ Sergio Osmena Trail
  • Kawasan Waterfalls – had the opportunity but stayed at the resort to sunbathe and read The Progress of Love by Alice Munro
  • 2 Cemeteries (Carcar and Balamban) – done – visited ancestors – I finally had a glimpse of my father’s past which no one told me about when I was young.
  • Visit Balamban – done – had an awesome time with relatives during the Feast of Saint Mary. They served us an exceptional sea weed salad.
  • Visit CIC and USC-GH (my old high school and elementary school) – did not go because I was lazy. I am a ashamed to admit since I really wanted to visit but never had the urge after I arrived in Cebu.
  • Learn how to ride a bike – I have had this on my list since forever but I never do it. Will learn this summer before moving to Montreal.
  • Scuba dive – does snorkelling count? I snorkelled in Thailand. I think it counts – done.
  • Take out bride and groom plus family for dinner – reservation – done – My cousin’s wedding was on the sixth, so we had a dinner to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. It was fun. We bonded.
  • Wedding – December 6 – done – what a great night of food, gossip, laughter, and family
  • Xmas celebration – dec. 24 – done – finally Xmas in the Philippines. I wanted to see fireworks and elaborate set-ups and eat really yummy food.
  • New Years celebration – jan. 31 – done – I realize now that I don’t like loud firecrackers. It’s scary how kids are allowed to play with fireworks here. I saw in the news kids with fingers blown to bits.
  • Visit Hong Kong – Hong Kong was just like Richmond but with a better transit system – food was amazing and the streets were confusing but I enjoyed getting lost. My brother was sick with the flu when we arrived so I was by myself for two days exploring. Highlight:The night market was daunting but to be in such chaos was Fun! Victoria Peak is worth the trek up, even with tourists.
  • Macau – smells luxurious. It smells of expensive perfumes and decadent desserts. Although Taipa’s landscape is predominantly billion dollar casinos, there is an oasis from the frenetic exchange of money and goods. Settled within its circle of gargantuan architecture is a sleepy hamlet full of wonderful temples and Portuguese inspired architecture.
January 8 – Julius, mom, and dad arrive!!!!
Korean air – free return change… No charge!!!! Yay!
3405431 – Korean air Cebu
789-3700- Korean air Manila



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