Berlin (May 2012)

Hey Gang,

I’m in Berlin and the weather is almost 30 degrees. I arrived with a group of girls from my class and stayed in this really nice apartment complex which cost as much as a cheap hostel. The art in this city is amazing. I love how the explosion of colour and modern architecture gives the city a really great vibe. Everywhere I see colourful pants and edgy haircuts. There’s a mix of eclectic and contemporary, but it’s contrasted by reminders of its divisive histories. Which leads me to my next point, the Berlin Wall, the bricks and mortars are gone but in its place are murals and graffiti of love, peace and solidarity. The city has really embraced the vibe of inclusion and freedom.

I really love this place. I want to live here for a season. Situate myself near Friedrichstraße, where shops and markets are accessible, walk to the Berlinerdom and read novels and write on my journal. The park is massive with a modern fountain that stands out amidst all the wonderful architecture.

Last night we had a lovely dinner at a tapas restaurant in Alexanderplatz, today we’re heading for a night out. I’ll keep you posted on how it is. Miss and love all of you. I wish we were doing this together.


(The email I sent to my friends: R.P., J.Lo.,T.G., & J.Li)


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