The Soviet Bunker

The Soviet Bunker

The Soviet Bunker

The dorm I shared with Jennifer was the size of a broom closet. It was claustrophobic. It looked out to a small garden. Adjacent to the building was an apartment complex with some interesting inhabitants. We lovingly referred to our dorm as the ‘Soviet Bunker.’ Although there were some problems, it was home, somewhat, for a few months. There was a hot stove outside along with a sink that only had cold water. The bathroom had a shower that did not drain properly so every so often we would ask the maintenance person to ‘fix’ the problem. Breakfast consisted of bread, deli meats, boiled eggs (sometimes), a variety of cheeses, yogurt, and powdered orange juice, along with coffee and tea. It got tedious. Variety was not something the dorm matron appreciated.


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  1. Mine in first term also looked like a Soviet block. It was definitely from that time anyway

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